"Nosefrida the Snotsucker" reminds us babies are gross

I have two kids, so like all parents, I've been through some gross moments. Still, the all-natural baby decongestant Nosefrida the snotsucker brings out the giggling 15 year old in me. The picture tells the story: mom holds baby down like a prisoner and with one end of the tube in her mouth (or in my family, Dad), and the chamber tip firmly pressed onto bambino's schnozz, and snot is sucked. "Of course" product devotees will tell you, "it doesn't go up the tube, it gets captured in the chamber!!" But still. But still.

Naturally, YouTube offers many demonstration videos. Just as naturally, when it's your perfect baby and they're struggling to breathe, you will stop at nothing to help them. All parents will testify to this… but still. For all the press babies get for being cute, it's time to uncover the other truth: babies are gross too.

Stay tuned for our next edition of Babies Are Gross, when we introduce you to The Windi for gas relief, the all-natural remedy for blocked up baby butt. Again, this low-tech solution offers a soft-tipped baby-sized wind canal to help them with the "other congestion." imgres