Lo-Fi Let's Play: LOOM

Come along with me and revisit a classic Lucasfilm Games experience. There's a lot special about LOOM, which recently went on sale at the DRM-free digital store Good Old Games.

"Let's Play" video formats on YouTube are one of the most popular ways people learn about and share games with one another. But while young men shouting over cutting-edge works are de rigeur, I like to talk softly over nice, strange old games. I'll be sharing some of these videos with you on Offworld every so often.

I think a lot of old, strange design forms, many now obsolete, still have a lot to teach us about design, and a lot to offer us in terms of sweet surprises, rough-edged and lovable graphics, and the voices of hundreds of offbeat old uncles cracking jokes at us from the cursor-blinking depths of the early 1980s. Subscribe to the Lo-Fi Let's Play YouTube channel to go on smooth vintage cruises with me. As a bonus, people often tell me the soft speaking and keyboard tapping gives them ASMR responses, too.