Free PDF: Advanced Quantum Thermodynamics (is a subject I know very little about)"

Dave Ng writes, "My new book is Advanced Quantum Thermodynamics (is a subject I know very little about) collecting my science humor and creative non-fiction: great for the 'hipster that doesn't get science' but who wants to look like the 'hipster that gets Advanced Quantum Thermodynamics'"

Kickstarting a new edition of Lord of the Fries

The classic Cheapass Game is getting a second life, with a brand-new second deck, thanks to you and Kickstarter!

Backchannel: computers can talk to each other with heat

A paper by Ben Gurion University researchers to be presented at a Tel Aviv security conference demonstrates "Bitwhisper," a covert communications channel that allows computers to exchange data by varying their temperature, which can be detected by target machines within 40cm.

Pixar's Renderman released for free

Pixar has released its Renderman imaging software to the public free to download. This version is identical to the software it uses on it's own films, which was invented in-house, and is used today by major film and video game studios for animation and visual effects. This free license is for non-commercial use only, which […]

Little girl is very upset because her grandmother said "poop"

Little kids basically are like tiny drunks.

Local News Traffic Reporter who doesn't realize he's live: "Can I get a fish sandwich?"

Oops. Ordering fast food when you're supposed to be reporting about traffic conditions is a bad idea.

Ingredient in Monsanto weedkiller Roundup probably causes cancer (non-Hodgkin lymphoma), says WHO

It’s unclear how much exposure would be cancerous, or why glyphosate leads specifically to this kind of cancer.

New version of SecureDrop, open-source whistleblower submission system originally created by Aaron Swartz

At Freedom of the Press Foundation, we're excited to announce the release of a brand new version of SecureDrop, our open source whistleblower system which media organizations can use to communicate and receive documents from sources.

Possibly the funniest ever comedy prank album: Ross Lee's 'Dick Dastard Strikes Again'

In the early 2000s, Ross Lee--armed with a hidden mic--pounded the streets, shops, and taxis of Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield and caused comedy havoc.

Turking for a living: the humans who do the work of Mechanical Turk

"I always wanted to make a film on Mechanical Turkers but they were so rude whenever I inquired on reddit," writer Bassam Tariq says, "So I paid them to answer my questions."

Nagra IV-L: the pinnacle of tape recorder UI

A design classic from 1968, with all the dials, knobs, switches and buttons you could possibly need.

Fritz the Golden Retriever is not very good at catching food

He's learning, says his human.

Secret Nazi lair believed discovered in remote Argentine jungle, where Third Reich leaders fled

The Nazi escape routes known as “ratlines” during the fall of the Third Reich led to some remote, unexpected places.

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz's burning flag Al Jazeera logo

UPSO notes that "Ted Cruz's new logo looks like a mix between the Al Jazeera logo and a burning flag.

Three Minutes to Nirvana: The digital collage art of Eugenia Loli

Artist Eugenia Loli is based in California, and is originally from Greece.

$10 silicone oven mitts

I grab hot stuff with these $10 silicone oven mitts. They offer more grip and better dexterity than pot holders.

Pentagon panel proposes changes to military medical ethics that could impact Gitmo force-feeding

The panel may also have just saved the career of a Navy nurse who refused to force feed Guantanamo captives.

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