Katusha: Girl Soldier of the Great Patriotic War


Amid the real war reporting on Medium's online magazine War Is Boring is a profile of comics artist Wayne Vansant, who, at 65, is still drawing wartime comics with his signature attention to accuracy and detail.

His most renowned work was on The 'Nam series, now available as one of Marvel's Finest. Vansants current project is Katusha, Girl Soldier of the Great Patriotic War, set during WWII.

It's about a Ukranian girl who becomes a tank gunner for Russia fighting against Nazi Germany. The story follows it's heroine Katusha from age 16, fleeing a Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, joining the Red Army, going into Tank School, and becoming a successful soldier, despite her age and gender.

Vansant began his series in 2009, and it continues today. You can catch it all as a webcomic on KatushaGirlSoldier.com or get yourself books one and two as a graphic novel available on Amazon