Looking for smart people at Brilliant.org

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How do we identify and encourage smart kids? Y'know, like we do with kid athletes? Sue Khim, CEO of Brilliant.org, contrasts the U.S. to India, where there are more honor students than America has students.

Brilliant aims to "attract and develop bright young people…and create a more meaningful way for them to demonstrate their potential and be recognized." The website attracts smart people by giving them what they like: a challenge, a chance to commune with like-minded thinkers, and have their work appreciated and understood.

When you start a free membership, you are invited to choose your topic(s) from all Basic Mathematics to something called Combinatorics (Googled) Members can take a test, advance to the next level, post questions, interact with other users, and earn points for jobs well done. The community element aims to develop an intellectual peer group for kids whose talent needs to be encouraged for a brighter future for themselves and a stronger future for America.

Sue Khim gives a very compelling description of her company's mission at TedxChicago 2013.