Terrible American clothing now available

Flag hammer pants

Online clothing boutique Shinesty wants you to Shine On. Their mission is "to bring you the most outlandish collection of clothing the world has ever seen", and they deliver.

With a complete collection of American flag clothing, including the Rex Kwan Do American Flag Hammer Pants, they are part "stuck in the 80's," and part "go to hell."

There's also lots of just plain WTF. Check out The Highly Seductive Christmas Leopard Print Suit…for men.

But Shinesty is not just for men! They make women look like they've had too much Jaegermeister, too: There's the women's outerwear collection,: see the women's KrissKross Windbreaker below. In the accessories section, you'll find some fashion-backwards fanny packs and an array of flag bandanas to keep your forehead American.

KrissKross windbreaker