Crazy-wonderful kids' music CD

Kembrew McLeod sez, "For Kids and By Kids: Songs From Iowa Rock City is a new (and free!) children's album I put together with my wife Lynne Nugent, an editor at The Iowa Review. Her team created a beautiful gatefold CD package with a 24-page lyric and liner notes booklet." Read the rest

How are ginormous chocolate Easter Eggs made? Glad you asked.

These handmade chocolates look like edible works of art.

How to Fly A Spaceship to the Space Station

Astronaut Scott Kelly explains from quarantine, just five days before taking off for a year in space.

Explore Obama’s presidency via this White House photographer's Instagram account

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It’s easy to assume Instagram is simply a place for food pics and post-workout selfies, but Pete Souza is using the social media platform for a more historic purpose. As the Chief Official White House Photographer, Souza has an enormous amount of access to the inner workings of the White House and he’s got a great eye for catching small details, which he shares on his Instagram feed.

The President hugs Rep. John Lewis on Saturday in Selma." By Pete Souza via Instagram

Since Souza travels with the President, his feed offers an inside look at Obama's ever-changing schedule, which includes everything from diplomatic ceremonies in India to trips on Airforce One to town hall meetings. Not only is Souza a great photographer, he’s also a great storyteller, and his feed documents both the pageantry and the minutiae of the presidency.

And for those who've come to rely on Instagram for cute pet photos, Souza provides plenty of shots of the Obama family's adorable dogs too.

Plus there's this:

Follow Pete Souza on Instagram here. Read the rest

Internet 'Threat-sharing' bill introduced in U.S. House. Promise: security. Reality: surveillance.

Today in the U.S. House of Representatives, the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence introduced an internet threat-sharing bill, “The Protecting Cyber Networks Act.” Read the rest

#Sleevebucks turns coffee sleeves into pop art

These awesome #Sleevebucks Tumblr and Instagram accounts transform the ubiquitous mermaid from the Starbucks coffee sleeve into all kinds of different pop culture images. Read the rest

How being 12 years old is like being a toddler again

New York Public Radio WNYC has launched a new series, Being 12: The Year Everything Changes. The website features broadcasts and videos around the thesis that age 12 is our most difficult age--the last year of childhood, when peoples' brains, bodies, circumstances, and relationship to language is changing at speeds as dramatic and tumultuous as when they were toddlers. Read the rest

New X-Files episodes

After a 13 year hiatus, Scully and Mulder are back for 6 new episodes. Read the rest

Looking for smart people at

How do we identify and encourage smart kids? Y'know, like we do with kid athletes? Sue Khim, CEO of, contrasts the U.S. to India, where there are more honor students than America has students. Read the rest

TIE Fighter: '80s anime-style Star Wars fan-made short film, hand-drawn over 4 years

TIE Fighter is an incredible example of how truly amazing and painstakingly created a Star Wars fan film can be. Read the rest

Dull man inherits magical workshop in 'What Lives Inside,' his mind is blown

The story is of a less-than-imaginative man who inherits the workshop of his puppeteer grandfather, and finds himself transported into a magical world of wonders where he will have experiences that blow his little mind.

Possible future US president Ted Cruz says he traded classic rock for country because 9/11

Jesus help us all. Read the rest

Photography books we love: 'Understanding Exposure,' third edition

A fantastic book to help photographers old and new learn to manage light.

Miraculous face of Jesus appears in South American landslide

And the owners were miraculously very ready to cash in on the hopes of the faithful. Read the rest

These Japanese miniature food videos are totally addictive

It’s hard to figure out exactly what’s so satisfying about these miniature food videos uploaded on the Japanese YouTube channel Miniature Space, yet for whatever reason I just can’t stop watching them. Read the rest

The Fade Out - Anthology of a great Hollywood noir comic book

I reviewed the first issue of The Fade Out last year. Now, Image has released the first four issues in one volume. Read the rest

Watch: Beautiful stop motion watercolor animation

Jeff Scher created this lovely stop motion animated film about winter from 2,250 watercolor paintings on paper: "White Out" Read the rest

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