Woman convicted of shooting into McDonalds after discovering burger once again lacked bacon

Shaneka Monique Torres

Shaneka Monique Torres

Shaneka Monique Torres, 30, will spend at least two years in prison for felony use of a firearm, followed by a maximum of five years for shooting at an occupied building and illegally carrying a concealed weapon.

The Grand Rapids, Michigan jury deciding her case took just one hour to conclude that Torres was guilty of charges resulting from her shooting into a McDonald's after employees there failed–two times–to put bacon on her burger as requested.

From MLIVE.com's coverage:

Torres had been to the restaurant hours earlier where she ordered a bacon
cheeseburger but it was delivered to her without bacon. McDonald's management offered her a free burger on her next visit.

Then the replacement burger also did not have bacon on it.

McDonald's drive-through cashier Essence Lake said as she was walking away to get the new burger, the glass behind her was shattered by a bullet. Lake said had she been standing at the window, the bullet would have struck her in the forehead.

After denying she was responsible for the shooting Torres admitted under police interrogation that she did shoot inside the restaurant.

"There was no reason," Torres said in the recording. "It was just dumb."