You could totally grub down some Poop Bread right now

When we visited Taipei, my wife and I made it our singular goal to eat at Modern Toilet, even though we knew the bathroom-themed restaurant had caught on and was a bit of a tourist trap. That same spirit has been reignited in me, and my next trip to Seoul cannot come soon enough. I will not leave that city until I grab me some fresh, hot Poop Bread.

Poop Bread is a goofball take on Bungeoppang, Korean carp bread (Taiyaki in Japan), a simple batter filled with red bean filling. This one also has black sesame seeds on the outside and walnuts on the inside, just to make it poopier. I'm sure in it's day, people thought carp bread was just as wackadoodle. Dongchimee is Poop Bread's inevitable kid-friendly mascot. One assumes his role is to make the idea of poop bread more palatable.

Poop bread isn't for everyone, but outta my way, I'll have yours. To learn more, please check out BoingBoing's Fun With Feces, and the scientific Super Flush toilet flush test video, a favorite of home plumbers and adolescents around the world.