Conversations with Matt Dwyer

Conversations with Matt Dwyer

The internet calls it the golden age of audio podcasts.

It's a podcast renaissance, if you will, and everyone has recommendations, including many here at Boing Boing. So to add one more to the list of podcasts you're not listening to, but would probably really enjoy is Conversations With Matt Dwyer.

Though Dwyer is a comedian, with a dark sense of humor and an album due out soon, this is not a comedy podcast. His on-air persona is painfully unpretentious, his wounds are open, but so his is driving curiosity about deep things, and people who've seen shit.

His guests are impactful artists, musicians, writers and thinkers who seldom get much media attention. He has repeat visits from writers like "Permanent Midnight's" Jerry Stahl and the Bukoski-like writer Poe Ballantine. He talks with musicians like Honus Honus of the band Man Man, prolific "music spammer" Matt Farley, and Macarthur Genius Grant winner, jazz composer Ken Vandermark. The podcast is difficult to categorize. His guests are unique and varied, and Dwyer's own journey to learn is the trip he takes you on.

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