Woman medicated in a psychiatric ward until she said Obama didn't follow her on Twitter

Kam Brock's car was seized by the NYPD in a bogus drug bust (they found no drugs, seized it anyway) and then they arrested her because she got upset and took her to a mental hospital. She tried to tell the doc that she was a good person, and cited the (true) fact that Obama followed her on Twitter.

She was given an injection to knock her out, taken to a mental hospital, and held against her will until she recanted. She was diagnosed bipolar and was forcibly medicated and sent to group therapy. No one checked to see whether she was one of the president's 644,000 Twitter follows.

Kam Brock, from Long Island, claims she suffered an eight day ordeal at the facility during which she was wrongly told she has bipolar disorder and made to attend group therapy.

The Jamaican-born 32-year-old was also given forced injections and powerful sedatives during the incident, according to her lawyer Michael Lamsoff.

The New York Daily News reported that Ms Brock had to "state that Obama was not following her on Twitter" in order to be released from Harlem Hospital.

Woman held in psychiatric ward after (correctly) saying Obama follows her on Twitter
[Helena Williams/The Independent]