35 Secret hiding places in your home

Family Handyman home security

Ordinarily, the folks over at Family Handyman Magazine are a straight-laced bunch, but their slideshow 20 Secret Hiding Places shows that their practical creativity might be hiding something, such as fat stacks of cash.

The DIY mag, one of the few paper paper magazines I still subscribe to, typically features showroom furniture pieces on the cover and a you can make this at home American spirit. It's the impossible beauty standards magazine for homeowners. These hiding place ideas however, are perfect for the would-be Walter White, extremely clever sneakiness masked by the sensible heading of Home Security. It just makes me want to snoop around my neighbors houses more. What is everybody hiding?

For even more devious ideas, if slightly less practical, targeted advertising has led me to this other list: 15 Secret Hiding Places Will Fool Even The Smartest Burglar. This list is more about things you build and holes you drill, plus the safe that looks exactly like a head of lettuce. The one thing burglars will never find is your mind, once you lose it over these tips! That's 35 hiding places in all!