8-bit instant photo gun

Yes, you read that right. This video shows a gameboy, connected to a handgun, that when you point and shoot, takes a picture. Which then prints out on a thermal paper rollm like a grocery store receipt.

The video, complete with a perfectly-appropriate BLEEP-BLORP computerized music track is the work of Moscow artist Dimitry Morozov, whose works combines, not surprisingly, "experimental music art objects and and diy found objects and diy electronic instruments."

Other projects shown on his Vimeo page, vtol, show a wall sculpture of computer fans connected to a small panel of light diodes and the description, "noisy fans driven by "Conway's Game of Life," which I learned, is a "cellular automation" invented in the 70s by John Conway.

The artist's website holds many other delights merging sculpture, sound and technology. Nayral-rol is an "orchestra" of robotic arms connected to motion sensors, allowing a "conductor" to command them to making various robotic cacophonies. The orchestra is more "synthony" than symphony, but it's pretty interesting. robot orchestra

You can find the complete works of ::vtol:: here.