Flexi Freedom retractable cord dog leash

First off, this leash is incredibly comfortable to hold. You wouldn’t think so by looking at it but I have walked, run, skied and bushwhacked with it in every season and you hardly know it’s there. Part of it is the soft rubber coating on the handle but it’s mostly the moulded shape that snugs right into your palm.

Next, it is very strong. When my 65 lb male Samoyed goes after a squirrel, the half inch wide, spring loaded belt pays out until it reaches the end and whammo: full stop, no problem. I haven’t cracked the case to see how the end of the belt attaches to the reel but it has stood up to this punishment nearly every day for several years now. Of course, this also speaks to how the spring-loaded, stainless steel D clip is fastened to the dog end of the belt: it’s looped through, folded back and crimped with a plastic clamshell.

The leash has an elegant locking-mechanism that works reliably and intuitively by pushing a button with your thumb and then engaging a switch. This locks the belt at whatever length you want, and yep, it holds firm when charging dog meets end of leash. The belt is released just by pushing the switch again. Both setting and releasing the length are easy to do with one gloved hand.

When you run, walk or ski with your dog, the reel constantly pays out and retrieves slack (unless you’ve set the lock) so the belt rarely gets tangled the way other leashes can. Read the rest

Watch this 3D Printer print Easy Cheez from a can

Gross, and yet I can't take my eyes off it. Read the rest

Trevor Noah will replace Jon Stewart as Daily Show host. Here are 10 videos of him slaying at standup.

Comedy Central today announced that Trevor Noah, a 31-year-old biracial South African comedian, will be the new host of “The Daily Show,” succeeding Jon Stewart after he steps down later this year. Read the rest

Restaurant sign featuring bull’s extra-large genitalia sparks outrage, city petition

Now that the bull's genitalia have been removed from a restaurant sign in Hurricane, Utah residents there will have to find something else to get upset about. Read the rest

Editorial guidelines from Spicy Detective magazine, 1935

Via Futility Closet: Read the rest

Solar Impulse 2, solar-powered aircraft on five-month journey, lands in China

The trip is dedicated to focusing the world's attention on sustainable energy.

Bitcoin-like currency system for prison

Charlie Shrem, founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, is going to federal prison for a couple of years. He wonders if something like bitcoin could work behind bars.

Fifty Foods in Fifty Days: a photography project by CJ Hendry

Asparagus on Hermes, Doritos on Hermes, all of the foods on fancy plates. Read the rest

Game of Smurfs

Game of Thrones meets The Smurfs. Read the rest

NASA's Cassini spacecraft returns to the realm of Saturn's icy moons

This dual view of the planet's icy moon Rhea marks this new phase of Cassini's voyage.

Videogames for humans, a special book

Games can be conversations, and a new anthology curated by Merritt Kopas called Videogames For Humans aims to explore those connections. She's gathered Twine game creators and critics to annotate and discuss one another's works -- the result isn't just a unique angle on games criticism, it's a gathering of many of the most prominent creators in that unique space.

Real talk: I'm also in this book, narrating my experience of Christine Love's brutal little piece Even Cowgirls Bleed (a quick, free play in your browser), relatable to anybody who's had a little bit of ego, overwhelm or poor social adjustment get in the way of love. I chose to donate my piece in exchange for just a copy of the book and a chance to be part of this rad collection, though, so I don't have a financial agenda in suggesting you check it out.

"People are doing work in this space that's practically unheard of in video games and in traditional literary circles," says Kopas, who's previously written for Offworld. "With videogames for humans, we wanted to collect some of this work both to document the incredible things people are doing - especially people who are underrepresented in videogames authorship - and to build bridges between interactive fiction and broader literary communities."

Videogames For Humans will have a launch party at New York's irreplaceable Babycastles Gallery on 4/20 (duh -- details here, make sure you click the "turn this mother out" button). You'll be able to get one of a very limited print run of the book there -- thereafter the digital version will be available on publisher Instar Books' site, so bookmark that. Read the rest

Cop fired for exposing department policy where cops have sex with prostitutes, then arrest them

Countercurrent News: "A police officer in Arkansas recently lost his job after he exposed a massive scheme that allowed officers to have sex with prostitutes and then arrest them for servicing the undercover cops." Read the rest

Artist steals top 1-inch piece of England's tallest mountain

Ecuadorian artist Oscar Santillan removed the top inch of England's tallest mountain for his exhibition in London, and people want him to return it.

His so-called “suggestive gesture,” said to reflect the way humans have imposed their cultural categories over nature, has infuriated local tourism chiefs and walkers.

Ian Stephens, managing director of Cumbria Tourism, said: “This is taking the mickey and we want the top of our mountain back.”

[via] Read the rest

Grindz coffee grinder cleaner

Espresso at home was getting some weird, off flavors. Running Grindz through my ceramic burr grinder fixed everything. Read the rest

Down with April Fools' Day

John Oliver hates April Fools' Day. I agree with him. I propose we turn April 1 into "April Friendly Day," and delight friends and strangers with wonderful things. Read the rest

Song Reader provides original songs by Beck in sheet music form only

It might not be the album against which Kanye West recently felt the need to protest, but Beck’s Song Reader is so beautifully conceived and presented that in a perfect world it would warrant even more attention. Read the rest

Music: "Sugar, Sugar," Wilson Pickett (1970)

"I can't believe the loveliness of lovin' you." Read the rest

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