Don't miss the total lunar eclipse on April 4, 2015: here's how to watch in the sky and online

A total lunar eclipse of the full "Blood Moon" will be visible in some parts of the world on April 4, 2015. Read the rest

A list of every known volcano webcam in the world

Sorted by geographic location.

The characters of Wes Anderson, a tribute by illustrator Alejandro Giraldo

A wonderful, whimsical tribute to the characters of film director Wes Anderson by illustrator Alejandro Giraldo, who is based in Medellín, Colombia. Read the rest

Bees and Bombs: Beautiful minimalist GIFs by Dave Whyte

There's more of Dave Whyte's wonderful GIF work at his tumblr: Read the rest

Starbucks Via instant coffee packs are great when you are in immediate need of a caffeine fix

I never travel without a few Starbucks Via packets in my bag. They are a godsend when I need a coffee fix and don't have time to seek out a coffee shop. My friend Kent Barnes recommended them, and I'll be forever grateful.

The packets are easy to tear open, and they dissolve quickly even in cold water. Sometimes I pour them in a small plastic water bottle, replace the cap, shake, and guzzle. I've mixed packets with cold milk, too. The coffee tastes pretty good, especially if you don't use too much water.

They are popular with backpackers, too. Read the rest

Arizona woman sees Jesus in dental x-ray of her molars

We do not. Gotta love pareidolia. Read the rest

Twin baby girls dancing to 'EastEnders' theme, with the biggest smiles ever

They're about 3 months old, and they have some amazing moves. Read the rest

NYC: These new MTA subway train displays really suck.

“The MTA Touch Screens are an expensive and ineffective replacement for the older style countdown clocks,” says Isaac Royffe.

Sophie McDougall brilliantly explains the problem with “Strong Female Characters”

About once a month I like to reread Sophie McDougall’s New Statesman article “I Hate Strong Female Characters” because it’s one of the best pieces of writing about female representation I’ve ever come across. Read the rest

Artist Andy Goldsworthy builds amazing arrangements from leaves, twigs, flowers, icicles and dirt

I’m a big fan of the nature artist Andy Goldsworthy. In his art he only uses found natural materials: leaves, twigs, flowers, icicles, dirt. From these natural bits he builds amazing temporary arrangements outdoors in the natural settings he finds the material. He photographs their brief existence as a new order and then lets the elements unravel them. For a moment, his fanciful designs capture some invisible spirit that is both completely wild and completely Andy Goldsworthy. Once you see one of his natural sculptures, they seem to be inevitable. A rainbow row of leaves sorted by color. Of course! You can’t forget them. Again and again he seems to summon archetypes – an icicle arch – that ought to occur in the wild. But we don’t see them until he unveils them. Goldsworthy is a prolific maker, with many books of his stunning works. If I had to select only one volume, I think his Collaboration with Nature has the best summary of his early work (up to 1990). I take these as visual poems. If they ring a bell in you, proceed to his later work.

See sample pages from this book at Wink. Read the rest

Photos of a woman wearing a realistic Tyrion Lannister mask

More photos of this cosplayer here. Read the rest

Why “girly” shouldn’t be viewed as weak

In a new article for Ravishly, Anne Thériault explains why it’s so important that we stop associating power solely with masculine traits while devaluing femininity. Read the rest

Watch the Vlogbrothers argue about Batman in song

Good luck getting this song out of your head.

64 horrible things about the Internet

"iTunes is like having your hand held by a robot who wants to walk into the ocean and die." How very true these feel.

A blog dedicated to the strange space wardrobes on Star Trek: The Next Generation

If they're anything like me, Trekkies/Trekkers will love this hilarious Fashion It So blog run by Charlie Beckerman and Anna Marquardt. Read the rest

Tank Girl/Doctor Who director Rachel Talalay on industry sexism: “You have to be some version of perfect.”

Rachel Talalay is one of the few women to work as a director on Doctor Who, a show that has been notoriously slow to diversify its creative players Read the rest

Podcast recommendation: Film Divider’s Cinematic Universe

The podcast is totally accessible even to those who don’t know much about comics but still enjoy the films.

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