There's a Steven Universe RPG you can play on your phone

Last week, the Cartoon Network released a delicious Easter treat: an RPG based on Steven Universe that you can play on your phone for only $2.99.

As fans of fine modern cartoons are already aware, Steven Universe is the story of four intergalactic gem warriors: Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Steven. It's also the first Cartoon Network Studios show created by a woman, former Adventure Time artist Rebecca Sugar.

Steven Universe: Attack the Light begins as Steven accidentally releases a bunch of light monsters from an ancient weapon, forcing you into battle. Much like in the show itself, the female Gems are the ones dealing out most of the damage to their foes, while Stephen focuses on healing and support tactics, which is a nice turnabout from the usual stereotypes about which gender gets to do what in imaginary fantasy battles. Attack the Light, which was also written by Sugar, isn't a particularly complex game, but it's plenty of entertainment for the money.

It's available on various mobile devices for iOS, Android and Amazon.