/ Ruben Bolling / 12 pm Tue, Apr 7 2015
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  • Book: Alien Invasion In My Backyard

    Book: Alien Invasion In My Backyard

    From the author of Tom The Dancing Bug, published weekly right here at Boing Boing!

    Hey, my new book for kids is being released today: Alien Invasion In My Backyard: An EMU Club Adventure!


    It’s the first in an “EMU Club Adventures” series of books, and it’s about three kids (and their dog) who want to start a mystery club.

    Except they don’t know how to even find a mystery. How can they find out if there was a jewel heist in town, and even if they could, how would they get there to investigate?

    So they settle on trying to solve the little, mundane mysteries we all have every day. Like what happened to that game controller they lost.

    And they find out that when you look really, really closely at anything, you can find out amazing things (Metaphor Alert!).

    It’s kind of a DIY, Maker mystery story. Don’t get some big off-the-shelf mystery; gather the tools around you and make one yourself.

    The book has already gotten some really nice reviews and reactions. I hope you’ll give it a try, for yourself or the kids or emus in your life.

    Tomorrow, Boing Boing will run a piece about the kidlit inspirations for the book.



    You can order ALIEN INVASION IN MY BACKYARD here.

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