A con man expert talks about the cons in Better Call Saul

Slippin' Jimmy (aka Saul Goodman) and his buddy Marco pulled a number of classic cons in the first season of Better Call Saul, and Megan Friedman of Esquire asked con expert Alexis Conran to weigh in on their portrayal on the show. He says the show did a great job overall.

The Black Money Scam

Later in the montage, Jimmy and Marco convince a few rubes that they have a bunch of cash dyed black, and the perfect formula to remove the stuff. "I was particularly happy to see it in there, because it is an old classic and it's a wonderful scam," Conran says. If the con is done right, there are a few real $100 bills included, and then boxes and boxes of simple paper covered in black paint. Conran has pulled off the scam several times for TV, and says the trick still continues today.

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