Watch an NYPD Detective pocket $2,650 during a loose cigarette sting

At least this NYPD detective didn't kill someone for selling loose cigarettes. Instead, he allegedly stole $2,650, perhaps as a way of rewarding himself for a job well done.

Ian Cyrus, a 12-year veteran of the department, was helping his fellow officers conduct the raid after a store employee allegedly sold loose cigarettes to an undercover officer. They took $593 from the cash register as well as packs of cigarettes as evidence, WABC-TV reported.

But deli owner Ali Abdullah noticed something else was missing — about $2,650 in rent funds hidden in a box under the store's counter. After looking at the security footage, the money appeared to have disappeared into Cyrus's pocket. The moment comes around the 1:20 mark in the video [above].

Ian Cyrus, the detective seen in the video stuffing the wad of cash in his pocket, has been suspended, but not arrested.