Photos: Hillary Rodham Clinton at 21


Hillary Rodham (Clinton), 21, photographed by Lee Balterman for a LIFE Magazine feature titled "The Class of ’69."

From LIFE:


Intelligent, intensely curious and, from a young age, driven to find a way to somehow contribute to the world around her, Hillary Rodham enrolled at Wellesley College in the fall of 1965. It was there, in Massachusetts, that the moderate Republican underwent her transformation (she might characterize it as “an evolution”) to committed Democrat.

By the time she graduated from Wellesley in May 1969, Hillary Rodham was already such a notable figure that she was featured, along with four other speakers from four other schools — and excerpts from their commencement addresses — in the June 20, 1969, issue of LIFE, in an article titled, simply, “The Class of ’69.”

"LIFE With Hillary: Portraits of a Wellesley Grad, 1969"