1991 promo video for Sizzler reveals that the 90s were much, much worse than the 1970s

This Sizzler restaurant video is all about freedom. The freedom to wear fake cowboy hats or his-and-her jogging headbands.

The freedom to study a construction blueprint with your back to the building so you have to crane your neck every time you want to look at the building. The freedom to hold a shoebox-size phone to your ear with one hand and gesture emphatically with the other.

But most importantly, the freedom to stick tongs under the sneeze guards of numberless food buffet stations to grab your choice of breaded seafood, loaded baked potatoes, cherry tomatoes, cutlets of meat, and soft-serve sprinkles, all of which "add a little freedom in your life."

"Sizzler for the 90s – exactly what America wants!" If you don't like the freedom Sizzler is selling you, you don't deserve to be an American.