Podcast of two Kim Stanley Robinson Martian stories

Tony from Starshipsofa sez, "StarShipSofa podcast is very proud this week to have two short stories by the great science fiction writer Kim Stanley Robinson. First up is the 1999 short story Purple Mars, then we play Discovery Mars published in 2000. Both stories can be found in KSR's Martians collection." Read the rest

John Edgar Park, producer at Disney Research, shares his favorite tools

Over at Cool Tools we interviewed my good friend John Edgar Park, who is one of the most interesting people I know. When he is not combing the streets for street sweeper blades to turn into picklocks, or practicing impossible yoga positions, or roasting his own coffee, he's doing secret things at the research wing of Disney Imagineering. Kevin Kelly and I asked him to tell us about some of his favorite tools, which you can learn about in this episode of the Cool Tools Show, and by reading the show notes (Why not subscribe to the podcast and never miss an episode?) Read the rest

Cool browser-based GIF art tool: clickdragclick

From the wonderful mind of GIF artist Vince McKelvie, the tool allows you to paint with selections of an image like a paintbrush.

Blocked Italian toilet leads to thousands of years of buried history

A restaurateur in Lecce, Italy dug up the plumbing for his perennially blocked toilets and discovered thousands of years' worth of tunnels beneath the building, including a Messapian tomb. Read the rest

Florida Man flies gyrocopter (containing himself) over US Capitol to protest corruption

“No sane person would do what I am doing,” he says. Yep.

Critically endangered whale treks nearly 14,000 miles, setting record for mammal migration

A team of scientists from the U.S. and Russia have documented the longest migration of a mammal ever recorded: a round-trip trek of nearly 14,000 miles by a whale identified as a critically endangered species.

Crazy Cube, a magic trick that lets you read minds

Like Jason's beloved Hot Rod, the Crazy Cube is an inexpensive and easy trick you can keep in your pocket and pester your friends with.

Tell the spectator to place the die in the small bottle with their selected number facing up (or down, which is what I prefer to tell them). Tell them to cap the bottle. Then, put the small bottle upside down into the larger bottle and cap it. Have them hold the jar. Look into their eyes, and after a non-creepy amount of time, tell them the number. You are right!

Here's a video:

Read the rest

2 year old girl sings heavy metal version of alphabet song

She shreds. Read the rest

'90s computer teacher shows you how to use new thing that looks like TV called a computer

“It looks like a television. But it's a computer!” Read the rest

Japanese game show in which guys sing karaoke while being pleasured by pretty ladies

My goodness, this is weird. Read the rest

Hapheads season one, all in one go!

Hapheads, the incredible crowdfunded science fiction drama (previous) is about to get its NYC premiere at Games of Change, and to celebrate, the creators have put all 75 minutes of season one online as a single video, without interruptions. Read the rest

Smithsonian shares the fantastic story of Abe Lincoln's silk top hat

"Among the museum's most treasured objects in the Lincoln collection, and certainly its most iconic, is his silk hat. At six feet four inches tall, Lincoln towered over most of his contemporaries. He chose to stand out even more by regularly wearing high top hats." (via SI.edu) Read the rest

Space Glitter Telescope seeks distant stars and exoplanets

NASA JPL sends news of a proposed technique to use a cloud of laser-controlled glitter to work as a space telescope for imaging exoplanets. It's called Orbiting Rainbows. We approve.

Music: "99th Floor," The Moving Sidewalks (1968)

"Next thing that came to me, came much to my surprise. Then I began to realize, that you were telling me no lies." Read the rest

Seconds - a humorous graphic novel about a mushroom that allows a young chef to “revise” her mistakes with unexpected consequences

If you had the power to erase your mistakes, what would you do? Would you change big things, little things? How about every single seemingly insignificant thing you did today? That’s the question in Seconds, when Katie, a young chef aspiring to own her own restaurant, discovers a magical mushroom that allows her to “revise” her mistakes. Immediately she uses the power to course correct every aspect of her life, from arguments with friends to bad business decisions. As you’ve probably guessed, things quickly spiral out of control, often in humorous ways.

The book itself is pretty; the full-color artwork is drawn in a style similar to the Scott Pilgrim cartoony-ness that made author Bryan Lee O’Malley famous. The pages have a painted quality and the panels are bordered with a ton of white space on the top and bottom so you can never forget that you’re reading a book. This design feels thematically important to the story, as Katie is constantly forced to question her reality and we are constantly reminded that the story isn’t “real.” A handful of full page illustrations creep in to surprise you with how awesome they look: the two-pager of the Seconds basement is something I would hang on a wall. The book has a cool hardcover design with a dust jacket that interestingly does not cover the entire book, making this a great addition to any bookshelf. – Alex Strine

See sample pages from this book at Wink. Read the rest

The low poly psychedelic glitch GIFs of Aaron Hayes, aka Bionikbastard

Mesmerizing animations.

This Shattered Land (Surviving the Dead Series Book 2)

Eric and Gabe have been holed up in their Appalachian mountain retreat for 2 years, fending off the zombies and watching their supplies diminish. This Shattered Land takes them across America to rejoin the resurgent US Government in Colorado. Read the rest

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