Pop Sonnets, the book — the Bard meets Backstreet Boys

The Shakespearean delights of Pop Sonnets, one of my favorite reads, are being collected in a new book to be published in October.

Pop Sonnets translates top-40 music into Shakespearean sonnets, and is a delight from start (when you try to guess which song's lyrics you're reading, e.g. "From western Philadelphia I hail, where in my youth I'd play upon the green") to finish (when you come to the beautifully executed sonnet's triumphant conclusion).

If pop culture sonnets delight you, don't miss Jo "My Read Children" Walton's Godzilla Sonnet cycle.

Pop Sonnets: Shakespearean Spins on Your Favorite Songs [Erik Didriksen/Quirk]

Pop Sonnets