Chess grandmaster accused of cheating with iPhone in toilet

Raising suspicions with his frequent trips to the bathroom, Gaioz Nigalidze was searched to no avail. But when they checked the stalls, they found a hidden iPhone. Running a chess app. With his current game set up. Logged into his Facebook account.

Abdul Rahim removed Nigalidze from the tournament and is sending a report to the International Chess Federation. It has had to create a commission to deal with the growing problems with cheating. In fact, this is not the first time cheating has been attempted.

An American player in 2002 tried the same approach in checking a chess simulation during trips to the bathroom. Indian player Umakant Sharma was caught cheating in 2006 using a small Bluetooth headpiece hidden inside his cloth cap. In 2008, the Dubai Chess Club banned an Iranian player after it was discovered he was receiving text messages from a friend watching a live stream of the game, according to Endgadget's [sic] Mariella Moon.

A three-year suspension from international competition awaits Nigalidze if the accusations are confirmed. Read the rest

Haunted Mansion Lego!

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Skyglow: Timelapse film dedicated to the need for light-pollution-free skies for stargazing

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Humble Last Gasp Bundle!

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Star Wars 'The Force Awakens' desktop wallpaper-able stills from new teaser trailer

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Scythe vs. Weedwhacker

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Ian McKellen pens lovely essay about Beauty and the Beast table read

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Bow down to this collection of strong female characters

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Yes, militaries are working on drone swarms

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NASA's Dawn spacecraft captures highest-res images yet of dwarf planet Ceres

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Pop Sonnets, the book -- the Bard meets Backstreet Boys

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Images of breastfeeding, operative scars now permitted on Instagram

How magnanimous of them! Your breasts are now appropriate for their "authentic and safe" environment, so long as you're not doing anything bad with them. But don't get any ideas: "close-ups of fully nude buttocks" are still unacceptable.

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock Read the rest

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