X-Ray Specs: invade personal privacy like a boss

X-Ray Specs

I'm not like those fancy government guys using millimeter wave scans, thermal imaging, and warrantless email hoovering to spy on your unmentionables. Just like my grandfather and his father before him, I rely on analog X-Ray Specs for invading the privacy of others.

Who needs fancy technology or a three-letter government agency to see what others would rather you not see? I am thrilled with my amazing pair of X-Ray Specs. These subtle glasses allow me to see through just about anything. Looking through these simple, plastic glasses, I see that the images aren't all that different than the ones the TSA shares with us, showing off how well their gear works to protect us. Sure, the airport scanning devices have a bit more resolution, but for personal use these glasses are FANTASTIC.

The technology at use is perfectly safe. Instead of irradiating your targets, X-Ray Specs rely on a bird feather and plastic. They require absolutely no maintenance (sorry, federal contractors!), and a single pair might last for the rest of your life.

If you are jealous of the high tech toys the highly trained agents of the TSA get to play with, curious about your neighbors, or just looking for an awesome fashion accessory, X-Ray Specs are for you!

The Original X-ray Spex – Amazing X-ray Vision! via Amazon