Gigantic tub o' 22,000 Perler beads

My 12-year-old and her pals like making thing with Perler beads. They go through them quickly, so I bought a tub of 22,000 Perler beads for $(removed).

What are Perler beads? They are tiny colorful plastic cylinders. Each bead is a pixel that you place on a Perler pegboard to make a piece of art. Once you've placed all the beads down, you use a clothes iron to fuse the beads together, so your artwork doesn't fall apart.

The above video shows you a smart way to stack beads on a toothpick for faster beading.

Here are some great Perler bead drawings from around the world:

Perler Bead Majora's Mask by EP-380

Floppy disks by larrieking

Mario Perler beads by TheBeadLord

Mobile phone case by Lovely CraftsDIY

Perler beads Stormtrooper Star Wars by L000lz

Perler bead camera coasters by Maker Crate

Perler beads tree and mobile by Idee Creative

8-Bit Pixel Art Christmas Baubles by adamcrockett Read the rest

Wearality: 3D virtual reality glasses for your smartphone

The new virtual reality company is producing lightweight headsets with a large field of view and minimal latency, for an immersive experience. Their Kickstarter is already halfway to its goal, with just a few days left.

Nocturne: a journey through nighttime in the animal kingdom

Nocturne: Creatures of the Night is not a book about sleep-deprived college students, club-hopping hipsters or even long haul truck drivers. Nocturne: Creatures of the Night is an intimately photographed book of nocturnal animals and the fun facts about their unique mating habits, lifestyles and food choices.

Photographer Traer Scott came up with this book idea after watching moths circle around her porch light. That led her to thinking about bats, which led her to creating a book about animals that are awake while most other living things are asleep. Traer’s husband created a portable photography studio that he covered in black foam, which allowed her camera lens to fit through without freaking out the animals. With help from zoos, animal caretakers and rescue sanctuaries, Traer was able to get up close and very personal with 40 or so creatures.

The resulting photographs made me smile, cringe, and sort of fall in love. I’ve never seen a common vampire bat up close (they really have two tiny fangs) nor did I know barn owls’ ears are asymmetrical to help them judge distance and sound in the dark. I’d never heard of a spiny mouse before, but now I know it’s the only mammal capable of tissue regeneration! So the next time I hear opossum scurrying across my roof at three in the morning, I may pause and think, Wow, it can “play dead” for up to four hours at a time, it eats road kill, and it’s kind of cute,“ or maybe not. Read the rest

Eye-to-eye contact with your dog enhances bonding by upping oxytocin, says science

Dogs may have tapped into a uniquely human bonding mechanism, ensuring our love and care for man's best friend: eye contact.

Hebrew Bible engraved on a chip no larger than a grain of sugar

The Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute engraved the Hebrew Bible on a chip the size of a grain of sugar. Read the rest

Unlike: You can now serve your future ex with divorce papers on Facebook

Make way for the deluge, people.

Ceres' bright spots return to view in new Dawn spacecraft images from NASA

The two brightest spots on the dwarf planet Ceres, which have fascinated scientists for months, are back in view in the newest images from NASA's Dawn spacecraft. Dawn took these images on April 14 and 15 from a vantage point 14,000 miles (22,000 kilometers) above Ceres’ north pole. Read the rest

Could TV's current acceptance of powerful women help pave the way for Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign?

Of course, some of us have been ready for a female president since we were born.

Time lapse: making a cruiser skateboard

My friend Andreas Ekberg, who made this great Boing Boing deck for me, made a Happy Cloud cruiser for his pal Steve Guyer. Steve shot and edited the video above.

Andreas tell me he uses a Silhouette Cameo vinyl cutter to create the stencils for his designs. The design is painted with acrylic paint and coated with a water based varnish. He went to Uncle Funkys in Manhattan for the hardware.

Here are some of Andreas' other boards:

Read the rest

Stuff Smith's "If You're A Viper" (1936)

"I dreamed about a reefer 5 feet long, Mighty Mezz and not too strong, You'll get high but not for long, Cause you'se a viper." Read the rest

I can't stop collecting cats in this Japanese smartphone game

Sometimes I can't tell how much of my affection for cats is genuine and how much is the toxoplasmosis talking, but in the end it doesn't matter: I love their silly faces. That's probably why I've fallen for Nekoatsume, an adorable Japanese smartphone game whose name translates as "collecting cats." Read the rest

Fiction: Someone to Watch Over Me

Amala's got a new job: monitoring paroled prisoners' CCTV feeds. What she sees isn't nearly so disturbing as who sees her seeing it. A tale of science fictional horror from the new Black Candies - Surveillance.

Latinos outgrew Sábado Gigante's racism and misogyny long before it ended

The 53-year-old show Sabado Gigante was to Latino American families what no other TV program was, but its ‘humor’ perpetuated outdated racial and gender divides. Read the rest

Get your medical marijuana card online

A quick web consultation and $95 will get you a doctor's letter of recommendation for medical marijuana. Read the rest

Kickstarting a lab where maker-kids produce amazing peer-educational materials

Andy from Steamlabs writes, "We challenged a sixth grade class to make learning about the power grid engaging and they designed a high-tech, science centre style exhibit over a 3 week period." Read the rest

Snoop is pumped about #Happy420 Day, as you can see in this video clip

Little more needs to be said.

Read the rest

Gentleman demonstrating his catcall repertoire is surprised to learn no one likes it

He's says it's even better to catcall from "far away because they're not that scared." Read the rest

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