Dermatologist hilariously explains potential permanent damage from "Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge"

The tl;dr: it's a bad idea. Read the rest

The Apocalypse Survivors: The Undead World Novel 2

Main characters continue to die, and living humans remain the scariest evil in Peter Meredith's continuing zombie adventure, The Apocalypse Survivors.

Wow! The Apocalypse Survivors has really built on the first novel in this series! I enjoy how Meredith shows us just how ugly the standard, everyday problems of the United States will be when fueled by a zombie apocalypse. In this, his second book, race wars, rape, cults and cowardice rule the land. Fantastic new characters are introduced, because they have to... we're losing everyone we love!

These are adult novels but not done in a disgusting or horrible manner. The some characters are cartoony, and perhaps have to be, while others highly relatable. I am finding the mix right for gripping, keep me up til the book is done zombie fiction.

The Apocalypse Survivors: The Undead World Novel 2 (The Undead World Series) via Amazon Read the rest

Earthquake prediction and your smartphone: could phone GPS help predict the next big one?

The GPS sensors built into most smartphones are sensitive enough to detect the early signals of earthquakes magnitude 7 and stronger, says new research.

The pie to the face game

I found this video oddly anxiety-proviking, and yet, stupid funny, too.

You spin the Pie Face wheel to see how many times you have to click the catapult. If you perform your clicks and the pie doesn't smash in your face, you move it to your partner.

But in the end, someone gets a pie to the face.

[DailyPicksandFlicks] Read the rest

Awesome nonprofit Wings of Rescue: pilots donate flights to take euthanasia-bound dogs and cats to adopting homes

The group connects airplane pilots willing to volunteer their services to fly dogs and cats otherwise headed "to sleep" to homes ready to adopt the pets in nearby areas.

Cool 3D font project: Rollin Leonard‘s 'Liquid Diet'

“Using water to refract things, I made a font.”

Hey, why not phone your dead loved ones with Facebook's new 'Hello' call dialer app

Facebook on Wednesday launched a new caller ID and phone call dialer app for Android. iPhone users, this isn't for you: iOS won't give up the needed phone permissions. And maybe that's a good thing. Read the rest

Star Wars blueprints aloha shirt

Real rayon! $50 from Thinkgeek: droids, tie-fighters, and the plans for the Death Star (naturally). Read the rest

Kazuo Ishiguro on writing, characters and novels

Rick Kleffel sez, "I spoke with Kazuo Ishiguro about his new book, The Buried Giant, and his means of using the literary toolkit of the fantastic to excavate the human psyche. It proved to be great fun. " Read the rest

The Polaroid Book: over 400 intriguing “instant photos”

As a photography fanatic and lover of the humble Polaroid, I knew The Polaroid Book by Barbara Hitchcock and Steve Crist would be a hit. Featuring over 300 pages of carefully selected Polaroid photographs from the Polaroid Collection archive, as well as an equally intriguing section featuring different models of Polaroid cameras, this is one book you’ll want to leave out on your coffee table.

In his brief introduction, Crist touches upon the fact that despite digital photography taking over the art form, Polaroids really were the original “instant photos,” creating much excitement for the user as they observed their picture developing in front of their very own eyes. From Polaroids of colorful artworks to stark nudes, striking portraits in black and white and sprawling landscapes, it seems as though no subject matter was left out when combing through the archives. As well as being a visual masterpiece, The Polaroid Book also serves as a publication to both motivate and inspire the reader. “After spending time with this book, my hope is that you, the reader, will be as inspired as I am to pick up a camera and create wondrous Polaroids of your own,” writes Crist. I’m sure I speak for many readers when I say “mission accomplished.” – Melanie Doncas

See sample pages from this book at Wink. Read the rest

A comic that reimagines Zelda with an awesome little girl as the hero

What if the green-capped adventurer of the Zelda games was a little girl who lived in a mysterious floating city? Read the rest

Massive mid-century pin-ups, pulps, and illustration auction

Heritage Auction is holding a huge auction of 20th century illustration by noted artists such as Gil Elvgren, Patrick Nagel, Charles Addams, and Alberto Vargas on May 14th. Above, Al Hirschfeld, The Beatles: Pen and ink wash on paper. Estimate: $5,000+.

Gallery below is mildly NSFW

ARCHIE DICKENS (American, 20th Century). A Girl and Her Poodle.

FRANK R. PAUL (American, 1884-1963). The Ideal, Wonder Stories pulp cover, September 1935. Oil on canvas.

EARL MORAN (American, 1893-1984). Reclining Nude Pin-Up. Oil on panel. 18 x 36 in.

CHARLIE DYE (American, 1906-1972). Tax Forms Blues. Oil on board. 17 x 18 in.

CHARLES SAMUEL ADDAMS (American, 1912-1988). Addams Family, cartoon illustration, April 22, 1950.

CHESLEY BONESTELL (American, 1888-1986). Destruction of an American city by a Hydrogen Bomb, Look magazine interior story

ED VALIGURSKY (American, 1926-2009). Refueling the Space Station, Orbit Science Fiction magazine cover

AMERICAN ARTIST (20th Century). The Bloody Gold of Fury Island, Man's Action cover, June 1967.

GIL ELVGREN (American, 1914-1980). Golden Beauty, Brown & Bigelow calendar illustration, 1957.

ENOCH BOLLES (American, 1883-1976). "Knots to You!," Spicy Stories pulp cover, December 1937.

HENRIQUE ALVIM CORRÊA (Brazilian, 1876-1910). Livre Premier: L'arrivée des Martiens, from The War of the Worlds Read the rest

Three-legged cat tries to use missing leg while playing with its human

Do amputee cats experience phantom limb syndrome? Read the rest

Octopus grabs diver's video camera, swims off with it while it's recording

Their grip is no joke, as anyone who has encountered them while under water can attest. Read the rest

Jeb Bush loves Obama('s NSA surveillance)

Who says bipartisanship is dead? Read the rest

NBC News profiles transgender children and their families

The amazing thing about the families profiled: they love and accept their kids exactly as they are.

LA Weekly catches up with Boogaloo Shrimp, best known as Turbo from Breakin'

This where-are-they-now piece on Michael "Boogaloo Shrimp" Chambers made me smile. I loved watching him. I'm glad to hear he is up to great stuff. Read the rest

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