DROKK! 2000AD goes DRM-free

All of 2000AD's comics, including their flagship Judge Dredd comic, are now DRM-free in all apps and forms! Read the rest

Petraeus receives no jail time for leaking. Whistleblowers face decades in jail.

At the same time as David Petraeus got off with probation and a fine, the Justice Department has been pushing for extreme jail time for other leakers who talk to journalists—often over leaks of far less sensitive material.

How stoned is this motorcycle journalist?

I am baffled as to why CycleWorld published this video. With what I know of motorcycles and marijuana, this gentleman should a) not be on that bike and b) look at the other camera. Read the rest

If you use RSS, give Feedly a try—and Boing Boing!

When Google pulled the plug on Google Reader, I looked around for a replacement. I found Feedly and thought it was almost as good as Google Reader. Feedly has improved its product over time and now I think it is better than Google Reader ever was. I pay $5 a month for the pro version, even though the free version is excellent and has everything you are likely to want in an RSS reader.

I find Feedly's feed-organizing tools to be powerful and easy to use.

One hundred and twenty-five thousand people read Boing Boing on Feedly. I posted a screenshot of what Boing Boing looks like on Feedly. It's very easy to skim through the excerpts and find items of interest. Read the rest

Kenu Airframe - portable smartphone car mount

I like the Kenu Airframe smartphone car mount ($20) so much that I gave the one I had to my father so he could use it on a road trip. I ordered a replacement.

I like it much more than suction-cup mounts, which don't stay stuck. The Kenu has a clip that attaches to your car's heating/AC vent, and spring-loaded expandable jaws that grip your phone securely (for phablets use the Kenu phablet mount). When I travel, I bring it along to use in rental cars.

Cheapskates might want to try the iMeshbean Air Vent Car Mount, which costs $5. I ordered one to find out if it's any good.

Note: If you have hot air blasting from the vent, it's probably not a great idea to have your phone in front of it. I live in Los Angeles so I rarely use my car heater.

Read the rest

Portraits made of concentric circles of paint by South African artist Gavin Rain

South African artist Gavin Rain says his work is influenced by “Seurat, Russian avant garde art of the 1900s and a whole host of architects,” as well as modern pixel-based digital images. He encourages people who view his work to come close, and to also view the paintings from a distance. Read the rest

Petraeus gets 2 years probation, $100K fine, can travel to speak overseas, lives happily ever after

The top West Point grad who led U.S. military forces in Iraq and Afghanistan before becoming the head of the CIA pled guilty to sharing classified information with his biographer/lover.

Watch these DIY-ers send a donut to the edge of space

“On the 9 April 2015 we sent a Donut to the edge of space (32km up) with a weather balloon, from Askim Norway.”

The Galapagos Incident, free science fiction thriller for Kindle

This dark, fast-paced space thriller was a fantastic read. The Galapagos Incident is wonderful first installment from author Felix R. Savage, and it is free! Read the rest

43 fossilized dinosaur eggs unearthed during road construction work in China

In Southern China, 43 dinosaur eggs were discovered by construction workers as a road was being upgraded, state media reported.

RideApart's top 3 BMW motorcycles of the 1970s

BMW's horizontally opposed boxer twin is a motorcycling platform nonpareil. RideApart shares BMWs 1970s innovations that helped change motorcycling. Read the rest

Random startup announcement generator

After enjoying the random startup company website generator, I remembered that I'd made something similar for Wired 8 years ago. Please enjoy, once again, the random startup announcement generator. Refresh the page to pivot!

This built on the work of various "internet bullshit" generators going around in the mid-oughts. They were a thing. Read the rest

Random startup company website generator

I call dibs on "Rubify, The Motivated Way To Rub." Generate. Read the rest

Supreme Court: Police can’t hold suspects without probable cause, to wait for drug-sniffing dog

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled 6-3 that the Constitution prohibits police from holding a suspect without probable cause, not even for less than 10 extra minutes--which is about the time it might take to, say, bring in a drug-sniffing dog. Read the rest

Music: "Aint 2 Proud 2 Beg," TLC (1992)

"Everybody needs some good lovin'" Read the rest

Make your motorcycle kickstand more stable

My driveway is gravel and this $7 ABS support saves me a lot of trouble. Read the rest

Marissa Mayer makes 1,100 Yahooers jobless, calls it a "remix"

Why would a CEO be so tone-deaf as to call a mass-firing a "remix?" Because the only audience that matters today are shareholders, not the public. Read the rest

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