Can non-Newtonian fluids help make a better iPhone case?


Broken phones are a constant topic of discussion at Boing Boing. When I saw that Tech21 made iPhone cases out of D30, a non-Newtonian an impact armor, I had to try one immediately.

I'm a big fan of D30. The video below shows just how effective their body armor is at dissipating an impact. I was seriously impressed!

Used in baseball helmets, snowboarding protective gear and motorcycle armor, D30's incredible plastic really does the job. Essentially a high tech version of Oobleck, the cornstarch and water mixture we played with as kids. D30 is soft and flexible at rest, but hardens instantly on impact and dissipates a hit. In armor it really does feel pretty flexible and comfortable when worn, I've luckily never experienced their effectiveness firsthand.

The case snaps right on the phone, it looks great and isn't too bulky. I certainly notice the phone a bit more, but I'm not distracted or upset by its new profile. Buttons and the mute switch work great. The D30 is integrated into the sides, so the phone is protected from drops on its edge. While hit directly to the glass will still shatter the screen, the sides are protected from denting and chipping and the phone appears no worse for wear after a few 5 foot drops.

The Tech21 is a lower profile case offering some great drop protection. They make them for a number of phone models.

tech21 Impactology Classic Check for New iPhone 6 – 4.7" Phone Case via Amazon