Town will cut off power to families of kids who commit vandalism

If your child commits vandalism, the Farmer City, IL council want to cut off electrical power to your house.

Under a new proposal, the town council will add restitution for your kids' vandalism to your power bill — because electricity — and if you can't pay it, you can sit in the dark and freeze.

"The million dollar question is, 'Can we do it?'"

The answer is "maybe," because the city owns its own power plant, which puts it in charge of the bill.

"Farmer City's unique. It's one of the smallest communities in Illinois that has its own electrical generating station."

The city attorney is looking into whether it's legal or not. If it is, the city council will make a decision. Woliung says someone has to pay and claims this option is better than passing the cost onto taxpayers.

"The entire population shouldn't have to pay for just that small group."

Cutting vandalism off at the source [Aaron Eades/Illinois Homepage]

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