What if Photoshop were a shooting game?


You can do a lot of things in Photoshop, but rarely do you use its tools to defeat flaming skulls in an alternate dimension.

But that's exactly how things go down in Shotophop, a game created in only 48 hours for the recent Ludum Dare event by a small Brazilian studio known as Big Green Pillow.

The concept for the game is simple: You're in an otherworldly room covered in pools of color, and when the fiery skulls attack you, you use the eyedropper tool to select a shade—and then shoot the enemy as they pass over the same color in order to "fill" them in and make them disappear.

Right now all you do is repeat the match-and-fill process in level after level, but again, the game was created in only 48 hours, and the team says it's a work in progress. There are lots of other Photoshop tools—lasso, magic wand, eraser—that could serve as innovative weapons, so perhaps we'll get to see more advanced Photoshop battle techniques in the future.