FBI's crypto backdoor plans require them to win the war on general purpose computing

The FBI wants backdoors in all your crypto, and UK Prime Minister David Cameron made backdoors an election promise, but as Stanford lawyer/computer scientist Jonathan Mayer writes, there's no way to effectively backdoor modern platforms without abolishing the whole idea of computers as we know them, replacing them with an imaginary and totalitarian computing ecosystem that does not exist and probably never will. Read the rest

UK Tories forged letter of support in the Telegraph from "5,000 small businesses"

David Cameron tweeted it and the Telegraph published the letter on the front page, listing 5,000 businesses who endorsed the Conservative Party in the General Election, many of which weren't businesses, weren't supporting the Tories, were repeat entries, or were individual employees of businesses who were incorrectly presumed to speak for their employers. Read the rest

Russian spaceship is spinning out of control in orbit, with all contact cut off

The Russian space agency is scrambling to regain control of a robotic Progress 59 cargo ship that appears to have suffered a serious malfunction shortly after launching into orbit.

My daughter and I almost escaped from a sealed cavern before running out of air

Dying in a mysterious cavern deep below the streets of Los Angeles was the most fun we've had in a long time

These charts say all you need to know about why there are riots in Baltimore

More than half of the households in Freddie Gray's Baltimore neighborhood earned less than $25,000 a year, and more than one in five adults in that neighborhood are unemployed.

U.S. news organizations unite to demand release of classified Petraeus case docs

“Because Petraeus served as a high-ranking government official, and pleaded guilty to a charge involving the mishandling of classified information, the public has an especially strong interest in obtaining a full understanding of the circumstances surrounding his prosecution.”

Human rights groups criticize Burr after report he called for assassinating American from Texas

The American Civil Liberties Union and Human Rights Watch on Monday condemned reports that U.S. Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) called in 2013 for the CIA to locate and kill a U.S. citizen who’d become a top al Qaida operative, instead of capturing him and putting him on trial. Read the rest

Freddie Gray: “Not the first person to come out of a Baltimore police wagon with serious injuries”

On "rough rides"—-and what is documented of the Baltimore Police Department's history of physical abuse against people in police custody.

Why Downey walked off during that interview

During a movie-promotion press junket, interviewer Krishnan Guru Murthy asked Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr. questions about his "dark past." Read the rest

Meet the one and only person being punished over the Senate Torture Report

Well, at least one person will be punished over CIA's crimes detailed in the Senate Torture Report. Wait, it's the person who helped expose them?

Why you should be grateful to convicted leaker and noted liar, Gen. David Petraeus

The lenient sentence he received for leaking classified info to his biographer-lover reveals how extreme the double standard of U.S. justice is for the handling of classified information.

What can homeowners do when the only broadband provider around over-promises speed? Too often, not much.

New homeowners in the U.S. often discover that accurate information from Internet providers is hard to come by.

Proto-mommyblogger Dooce quits the blog

Heather B. Armstrong says she will still blog a bit for fun, but will focus on consulting for brands.

Baltimore gang members call bullshit on police reports that gangs called truce to kill cops

Baltimore members of the Black Guerrilla Family, the Bloods and the Crips talk to a Baltimore TV news reporter, and say they did not make a truce so that they could unite and harm police officers. Read the rest

Bedtime stories sound way more interesting with a speech jammer

A speech jammer makes it hard for you to speak normally because it creates a delay in the auditory feedback of your own voice, confusing your brain. Read the rest

Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan joins professional wrestling

Smashing Pumpkins singer Billy Corgan signed on with TNA Wrestling as senior producer, creative and talent development. At least he's not getting into the ring. Read the rest

Ta-Nehisi on Baltimore: “Nonviolence as Compliance”

Why is Freddie Gray dead? “The people now calling for nonviolence are not prepared to answer these questions.”

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