Great magic trick: The Block Escape

The Block Escape is a great trick that even kids can perform with ease. This wood model, which cost $(removed), is an excellent deal.

  • A small beautifully made wooden box is displayed to the audience.
  • The box hinges open and six small blocks, each a different color, are removed.
  • Two of the block colors are selected by the audience.
  • The blocks are placed back into the box, the box is closed, and a long metal rod is threaded through the box and through the small holes in the blocks.
  • The box is turned upside down, the lid is opened, and the two selected blocks seemingly penetrate through the rod and fall out of the box!
  • Most curiously, the other colored blocks not chosen remain in the box and are threaded on the rod!
  • Easy to do.

UPDATE: Here's how braindead I am - I forgot that I assigned Charles Platt to write a how to for making this magic trick in MAKE several years ago! (Thanks for reminding me, James.)