Play a brilliant, romantic Thelma & Louise-style space tale


You're space cowgirl Enora Bey, and you and your alien lady love Quanee have a ship full of stolen cows. Cows are worth a fortune on Truxton, but it'll be tough to make it. Listen to lonesome radio, pick up a little mind-altering substance on the way, deal with ex-girlfriends and telepathic border guards in this smooth, special story game.

As the story unfolds in Til Cows Tear Us Apart, you make decisions at key points that affect your success as a law-dodging pair of doomed speed racers zipping around the galaxy listening to beautiful music (the game's soundtrack is so greatlisten on Bandcamp!) Fall in love with your sidekick, risk your lives for one another, make out in the back of the ship. The cows don't mind.

There are several very different routes through the story, and Til Cows Tear Us Apart keeps track of different encounters you unlock in the Achievements area. The game is easy to play — click, read, and pick options — and free in your browser. Turn that radio up and cruise over the event horizon with me.

Til Cows Tear Us Apart is by Pierre Corbinais, and was ported to web by Red Jenny.