Londoners reject sexist "beach body" ad with creative protests

via @Laura_Stevens1

via @Laura_Stevens1

Advertising that objectifies women is pretty much the norm for everything from shampoo ads to weight loss plans.

But as people educate themselves on ideas of feminism, they're pushing back against sexist advertising.

Case in point: This ad for the British weight loss company Protein World features a bikini clad woman and the slogan, "Are you beach body ready?"

Many weren't thrilled with the body-shaming ad, arguing that so long as someone has a body, they should be ready to take it to the beach. A petition to remove the advert gathered more than 65,000 signatures, and people also got creative with their protests.

For their part, Protein World stuck by their campaign and even attacked those who challenged their advertising, noting, "Getting 'beach ready' is not a new concept. It's a fashion that is followed by millions (admittedly not everybody as we have seen!) around the world when they look forward to their summer holiday. We absolutely have no intention of removing the adverts because of a minority making a lot of noise.".

But it turns out the jokes on them! The anti-ad campaign drew attention from watchdog group The Advertising Standards Authority. And the petition page recently posted this update:

Although the ASA may still be in stages of investigation, the infamous Protein World ads are currently being removed AND this advert will not be appearing again!

I think we can call this a victory!!! Thank you to everyone who signed this petition and got us here.

I'd also like to take this time to say a huge thank you to Protein World!

Because this petition was not just about this advert, but the wider issue of the treatment of women (and sometimes men) in the media. Sexualised images shouldn't be a normality, especially in such public places. All of the work and support for this petition has been amazing, and I hope that people think twice when they see this type of image in the media, and that people will associate it with the bigger issue in society. The ASA's response has been so positive, and I hope that this petition has helped pave the way in the challenge to desexualise the media!

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