Carly Fiorina forgot to register her domain name and now it belongs to someone else


The former CEO of HP announced her candidacy for president today, but the republican's tenure at the tech company has already come back to haunt her., rather than displaying the beatific imagery of her campaign, instead shows a grim message recounting how many workers she laid off while in charge of HP.

"Fiorina failed to register this domain. So I'm using it to tell you how many people she laid off at Hewlett-Packard. It was this many," the site's author wrote, following it with an excruciatingly long list of 30,000 frowning emoticons. redirects to her official campaign site. .org, however, is a traditionally 'essential' top-level domain that carries a veneer of association and credibility not found in, say,

She also neglected to secure, another of the most desirable TLDs.

It's a telling mistake for someone whose credibility rests upon technocratic experience and capability.

"Whois" domain records list "Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 01390" as the registrant of the .org domain, suggesting that whoever bought it wishes to remain anonymous.

The site's source markup, however, shows an ASCII sheep, credits DEMONSHEEP—a reference to a notorious campaign ad from her ill-fated 2010 Senate run—and suggests "more fun" at bonus-page.html. At that location is a cute picture of a sheep whose eyes glow an adorably menacing red when hovered over with the pointer.

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x 2015-05-04 at 11.35.33 AM

This in turn is credited to a Codepen snippet created by one Leonard Meagher, though it is not clear if Meagher posted the depressing reminder of Fiorina's corporate incompetence or merely the cute sheep code publicly available at Codepen.

While the .net domain also lists an anonymizing service as the registrant, it displays only the default Godaddy domain squatting page.