Somewhere a mountain is shouting your tweets


On a distant digital hillside, two mountains are yelling your Twitter updates at each other in deep, sonorous voices.

At least, they might be. The Mountains of Mouthness website is currently pulling tweets with the word "bad" and using a text-to-speech engine to make animated mountains shout them across a picturesque valley populated by trees, rivers, a tiny little town, and flocking birds. You can also "become a villager" if you load the website on a phone or tablet, and explore the world in 360 degree.

Created by Magnus Östergren and produced by Goo Technologies, the Mountains of Mouthness will also read any tweets tagged with @MoMouthness or #mountains, so try it out for yourself.

There's a certain pleasure to seeing your words intoned by what sounds like the voice of an Ent, and it's particularly funny when the tweets are peppered with internet slang, deeply personal comments and obscenities. If you didn't enjoy the mobile game Mountain because you couldn't "do" enough, then perhaps this website will finally give you what you secretly craved: the power to make mountains shout about pizza parties.