Back a community makerspace, get a Dinosaur Comics laser-dino

Andy sez, "What could be better than dinosaurs? Dinosaurs made with lasers, of course! STEAMLabs community makerspace has been working with our friend Ryan North, author of Dinosaur Comics to bring you just that! There are 2 new rewards options for our Kickstarter to equip our makerspace."

$125 CAD ($104 USD) will get you a Limited Edition Laser Cut Mosaic Artwork! The best part is that you can pick out your favourite Dinosaur Comics phrases and we’ll custom-make the mosaic just for you! This art piece is 20cm x 20cm (8"< x 8"<), securely made from 3 layers of 3mm acrylic.

We also have a lower cost option — a mini laser cut Dinosaur Comics mosaic. This 7cm x 5cm two colour mosaic will have Ryan’s choice of awesome Dinosaur Comic text. At only $10, how can you not have one!?

The Kickstarter is over soon, so get one before May 8th.

Dinosaurs and Lasers!