Meet the guy who spent $3,200 on Hearthstone packs in one night

Tom Marks, who works at PC Gamer, interviewed a guy who bought 2,700 unopened packs of Hearthstone cards.

Why buy so many packs at once?

I already have every card. I knew I would have to buy a sizable amount of packs to get all the gold cards I wanted. I'm playing economies of scale here. The more packs I open, the more gold cards I'll get and the less I'll have to craft. It's cheaper in the long run to buy in bulk and craft less.

Your Reddit thread said you were drunk, how drunk were you?

I had work in the morning so nothing crazy, but enough to get me to pull the trigger. I've been seriously considering doing this for months now. Last night I decided to go for it.

Were they all Classic packs or some GvG?

I bought a 3-to-1 ratio of Classic to GvG in order to distribute my "gold card" acquisition evenly in order to try and avoid getting more than 2 of any gold card type. Perhaps I should have done a 2.5-to-1 ratio… but I wasn't about to pull out the calculator.

How long did it take to buy them all—presumably you had to keep clicking the highest value set of packs?

45 transactions of 60 packs. Looking at my email, I was able to do it in under 5 minutes. I've been opening the packs for a couple hours now though and I have a long road to go. I'm estimating 5+ hours to open all of these.