Solve an occult mystery with two cake-selling trans women in this interactive Twitter story


As part of the larger Twitter Fiction Festival, author Jeanne Thorton will be creating a live, interactive mystery tale on Twitter today, and you can help write—and solve—it with your own tweets. Imagine a choose your own adventure story crossed with a D&D campaign, unfolding 140 characters at a time. Here's the pitch:

Two trans women living in New Orleans and selling cakes to punks for a living encounter a terrible occult-themed crime, and via a complex and TBD chain of circumstances set forth to solve it. The audience will submit ideas for actions that the women might take at critical junctures, which the author will then either use as a basis for her storytelling decisions (with proper credit given) or ignore entirely.

Although anyone is welcome to submit their ideas, submissions from trans participants will be given priority. The story begins on Thorton's Twitter feed at 11 am EST and is slated to end at 1 pm, though Thorton says she "will clearly be going over the allotted time." If you come in late, you catch up on the story so far at this page, which Thorton built using the interactive fiction tool Twine.

The page outlines some rules for submitting your ideas, and will display updated character stats like hits points, magic points, and inventory. It also offers more backstory about the two main characters, Ava and Kells, and their "queer-owned home delivery baked goods and investigative services firm," Red Velvet LLC.