Dolls with hearing aids, port-wine stains and canes

Makielab, the 3D printed toy company my wife Alice founded, has created a line of toys for the Toy Like Me campaign, which urges toy companies to make toys that all children can see themselves in.

Makielab will sell wheelchairs, walking sticks, hearing aids for their 3D printed Makies, and can add port-wine stains to faces to order. They've got more accessories on the drawing-board that they're hoping to launch soon (the current accessories went from plan to product in a week!).

Unlike mass manufacturing abroad, which can involve expensive tooling and long development timescales, 3D printing allows for local and bespoke which enables MakieLab to serve its customers in this uniquely responsive way.

MakieLab is also trialling bespoke facial characteristics on demand, with plans to expand the new range into the Makies Store over the coming weeks.

MakieLab CTO Matthew Wiggins said, "It's fantastic that our supercharged design and manufacturing process means we can respond to a need that's not met by traditional toy companies. We're hoping to make some kids – and their parents! – really happy with these inclusive accessories."

Inspired by pictures shared in the Toy Like Me campaign, and after rapid, intense design work, some new accessories for Makie dolls began to take shape last week:

Makies <3 Toy Like Me [Makielab]