Easy hippy speedball: cannabis-n-coffee K-Cups

A K-Cup of cannabis infused coffee beans from Fairwinds costs about $10.

Marrying two complex plant products (coffee beans and cannabis) provides a tremendous and enjoyable experience to the consumer. Combing the complex art of coffee bean selection & roasting along with cannabis strain selection and advanced premium cannabis oil extrications pure bliss to the consumer The best device for a single serving of infused coffee from a packet is an aeropress. This device is very effective at extracting the maximum amount of flavor and oils from the coffee without leaving valuable oils behind. The next best device is a French press. Common drip coffee makers work well but typically leave more active ingredients behind due to the large exposed surface area of the filter, especially if you are only brewing a small amount of servings. For making a large batch of coffee, the countertop dripper is great. For all processes, hot water should be used as cannabis extraction does not work as well with cold brewed techniques.