Southwest flight crew didn't let woman call her suicidal husband

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Karen Momsen-Evers was aboard a Southwest Airlines flight when she received a disturbing text from her husband, asking for forgiveness for what he was about to do.

Mrs. Momsen-Evers says she tried to call her husband, but the flight crew refused to allow her to make any calls to her husband, the police, and an ambulance. "The steward slapped the phone down and said, 'You need to go on airplane mode now,'" said Mrs. Momsen-Evers.

Karen says she knew he was serious because he'd been under a lot of stress. Karen sat in her seat for the rest of the flight crying and staring at the text her husband had sent. When the flight landed in Milwaukee, she called police, but it was too late. Her husband was dead.

Southwest Airlines offered Karen a full refund on the flight.