Today's jam: Embrace the Sun!

This morning's walk delivered a new jam, courtesy of the music in the latest Welcome to Nightvale "Weather" segment: Sifu Hotman's Embrace the Sun.

Take the manic Raymond Scott energy of Soul Coughing's "Get Onto the Bus," back it with deep grooves from Tribe Called Quest's "Midnight Marauders," and lyrics that are two parts Gil-Scott Heron, one part Rage Against the Machine, with a modern context that captures the fraught tension of a world where the UK Tories just got five more years; where Alberta's Tories were routed from a half-century of rule and replaced with a no-fooling left-wing party; where Snowden is a free man and Manning is an imprisoned woman; where the crypto wars rage and Ed Felten is deputy CTO of the White House.