Just grill your steaks directly over or in hot flowing lava, why don't you

But how do they taste? Read the rest

This guy does the best athletic shoe reviews on YouTube, seriously you have to watch this

“I will wear them to my funeral.” Please don't let this be a viral marketing campaign.

Fan de-mixes the original Star Wars movies

The Despecialized Editions of the original Star Wars movies are a de-mix of the DVD releases, restoring them to the color, edits and pacing of the original cinematic releases. Read the rest

Is this a missing piece to Jodorowsky's Dune?

Grady Runyon owns a used record store in Ventura, CA. In this video by Rossangeles, Runyon tells a wonderful story about how a stranger asked to meet him in a parking garage to show him a mysterious artifact: an illustrated handbound manuscript with the title "Screenplay by Alexandro JODOROWSKY / Adapted from " DUNE" / by frank HERBERT."

The color pencil drawings in the book are highly detailed outsider art scenes of weird sex, monsters, outlandish costumes, and exotic weapons. When Jodorowsky caught wind of the book, he tweeted that the artifact was a "fake script with idiotic drawings." The book sold for over $6,000 when it was auctioned on eBay. I'm not doubting Jodorowsky -- the manuscript could very well be fake. I think the illustrations are wonderful, however. Again, I'm not arguing with Jodorowsky -- I'm an idiot!

Grady's Jodorowsky's Dune

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US officials leak information about the ISIS raid that’s more sensitive than anything Snowden ever leaked

Over the weekend the US conducted a raid in Syria where they killed an alleged ISIS leader. Beyond the whole conducting-war-operations-in-a-country-we're-not-at-war-with question, the NYT published an interesting anecdote buried in their piece. It's about how they found out where this ISIS guy was located, and way more sensitive than anything Snowden leaked.

102-year-old woman loses her teeth blowing candles on birthday cake

“Louise Bonito's 102nd birthday party will certainly be one for her family to remember – but not necessarily for the reasons they might have thought.” Read the rest

Meet the most beautiful psychedelic multicolor crayfish ever

He looks like an animated stoner GIF. Read the rest

Furry Road

I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry. Read the rest

Southwest flight crew didn't let woman call her suicidal husband

Karen Momsen-Evers was aboard a Southwest Airlines flight when she received a disturbing text from her husband, asking for forgiveness for what he was about to do.

Mrs. Momsen-Evers says she tried to call her husband, but the flight crew refused to allow her to make any calls to her husband, the police, and an ambulance. "The steward slapped the phone down and said, 'You need to go on airplane mode now,'" said Mrs. Momsen-Evers.

Karen says she knew he was serious because he'd been under a lot of stress. Karen sat in her seat for the rest of the flight crying and staring at the text her husband had sent. When the flight landed in Milwaukee, she called police, but it was too late. Her husband was dead.

Southwest Airlines offered Karen a full refund on the flight. Read the rest

Literally thoughtcrime: If 'You're thinkin' about joining al-Qaeda or ISIL,' President Lindsey Graham would drone you

Soon-to-be presidential candidate Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) will vow to protect and uphold the American Constitution if elected to office. But also he “will kill you” extrajudicially with “a drone” if you even think about supporting al-Qaeda or ISIL.

Today's jam: Embrace the Sun!

This morning's walk delivered a new jam, courtesy of the music in the latest Welcome to Nightvale "Weather" segment: Sifu Hotman's Embrace the Sun. Read the rest

"I'm sorry, Gavin, it's Apple Maps bad"

A funny moment from Silicon Valley, where an entrepreneur learns that his new operating system is even worse than Windows Vista. Read the rest

President Obama finally gets Twitter, has dorky first tweet

President Obama launched his official Twitter page today under the handle @POTUS Read the rest

Man sells machine to make your wishes come true

"Millions of people over the decades will tell you 'Yes, it may be the holy grail of technology.' A proper name eludes us, so we will call it simply, The Wishing Machine." Only $195.

Also, available: a "Money Science Kit for for $9.88 plus $4.88 shipping and handling anywhere in the world."

The inventor writes:

Is this a scam? No. Some people think any offer to do with money is a scam, yet we all need money. In this time of economic strife, let's face the truth. Is making honest money a crime? Please give me the benefit of the doubt for now.

Doubts put to rest!

I recently sold a rag doll on eBay for $138. Personally, I wouldn't have paid $1 for it, but it had VALUE to someone else. VALUE is something that is always, and has always been, determined by humans. That is why money is a subjective energy field.

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Ramadi "falls to Islamic State"

Ramadi, about an hour and a half from Baghdad, fell over the weekend to Islamic State fighters. The U.S. insists that the city is still "contested", though it seems Iranian-backed militias will be doing the job of contesting.

Pictured above is the BBC's latest map of the region, with the IS-held territory in darker tan. Looks like the Kurds are up for the fight, Baghdad not so much.

Ramadi holds particular meaning for some Iraq War veterans. Read the rest

Because of net porn, Hustler's circulation has dropped 97%

The entire magazine industry has been hurt by the web, but pornographic magazines have been hit the hardest.

From an essay in Quartz by Lee Quarnstrom, former editor of Hustler:

In a January 2014 interview with Erin Moriarty of CBS, Flynt announced that he didn’t expect Hustler, the heart of his porn empire, to last more than two or three years. He added that the magazine’s monthly circulation had dropped from a high of 3 million readers to about 100,000. But the truth is, even Flynt’s onetime high of 3 million monthly readers can’t compare to the 32 million visitors now recorded monthly on adult website LiveJasmin.com.

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Viral success is meaningless

Jami Attenberg saw a flash of internet fame, but it didn't help her sell her book. It made her no money at all. She reports on the experience of "sliding back to earth" down the long tail of a Google Analytics report.

…it felt bittersweet. I had dashed off the blog post, been careless with my writing. Even if the passion showed through, it was certainly not my best work. I had spent years and years working on my novels, agonizing over sentences, characters, themes, and my big message to the world. But in one day more people had read this simple post than all of my books combined — times five.

If you want to sell anything, everything around everything you do online must be optimized to the pixel for that purpose. Even then, when lightning strikes, only a few loose and hungry electrons will fall into the right place. If what you do never leaves the internet, you have to get hit over, and over, and over again.

Image source unknown. Read the rest

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