Out of the closet and into the arcade

Watch Gaming in Color, a film exploring the LGBT side of gaming.

Extant rebooted for 2nd season: teaser

With new showrunners Liz Kruger and Craig Shapiro in charge, the upcoming season of Extant, starring Halle Berry, looks like it'll be a lot more fun than the first season (which had promise, but didn't quite deliver). Read the rest

Watch: A bee is born

Mesmerizing high-resolution time-lapse footage of how bees enter the world. Read the rest

Dude who plays flame-throwing guitar in Mad Max is a very cool dude

Questions answered: whether his guitar actually shot flames (yes), what music he'd play while on set (Led Zep, natch), and whether he'd return for another Mad Max movie if asked (yes, duh).

New Makey Makey Go converts almost anything into a touch interface

Jay Silver is a very cool guy, and I loved the original Makey Makey, so I know the Makey Makey Go will be awesome. The video is terrific.

Small enough to fit on your keychain, book bag, or bracelet, Makey Makey GO turns everyday objects into touchpads and combines them with the internet. It’s a simple tool-slash-toy that allows beginners and experts to make countless art, music, engineering, and science projects. It comes ready to use out of the box with no setup and no installations. Just plug and play.

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The Unbreakable Furiosa

Females are strong as hell.

America: the spatula

What says God Bless America better than a Stars and Stripes spatula? (via Canopy) Read the rest

CIA interrogator says agency punished him for cooperating with torture probe

CIA interrogator of "high-value detainees" filed a complaint with the agency's internal watchdog in which he sought "whistleblower protection," claiming the CIA punished him as a "reprisal" for him cooperating with investigations into the treatment of detainees.

Adidas-clad Christian men awkwardly (and hilariously) rap about the Bible

Adidas-clad Christian men awkwardly, hilariously, homoerotically rap about the Bible. Read the rest

Portraits of the world’s most storied rock guitars

Most of the guitarists, bassists, and mandolin players in photographer Jay Blakesberg’s just released gem of a new book, Guitars That Jam: Portraits of the World’s Most Storied Rock Guitars, are members of bands that use rock, bluegrass, the blues, and R&B as launch pads for improvisational jams. But one artist stands apart from this group – Willie Nelson – who posed for Blakesberg in 2014 at the Lockin’ Music Festival in Arrington, Virginia with his famously beat-up classical guitar. Nelson calls his 1969 Martin N-20 “Trigger,” after the horse ridden by matinee idol Roy Rogers, but with all due respect to the red-headed stranger, Willie doesn’t quite get the metaphor right. Comparing his guitar, as well as the rest of the Martin, Gibson, Fender, Alembic, Modulus, and Ibanez axes in Guitars That Jam, to a horse is fine, but musicians like Willie, Jerry Garcia, Warren Haynes, Carlos Santana, Trey Anastasio, and Neil Young are polar opposites of the saccharin Rogers. I’d say they are more like rodeo stars, or perhaps elite jockeys, who ride their thoroughbreds, night after night, to the musical equivalent of the Triple Crown.

Blakesberg captures the energy of these artists (plus more than 50 others), the sheer beauty of their instruments, and the intimate relationship between artist and machine, with the sure hand and keen eye that has made him a favorite of rock bands and music fans from coast to coast. Accompanying each photo of the artist in performance with his or her guitar is a statement about the instrument, usually written by the artist. Read the rest

What Mad Men would look like in the digital age

Mad Men Integrated asks an important question: what if arrogant guys from the 20th century were actually arrogant guys from the 21st century?

How to fluff chicken butts. Fluffin' those butts. Fluff fluff.

This is a real task that people who raise chickens have to do. Read the rest

Delta's awesome safety video is loaded with memes

Delta premiered the "Internetest safety video on the Internet" Wednesday morning and it's already making waves for all of its outrageous pop culture references. It's pretty safe to say that this video has it all, from Screaming Goat to Double Rainbow Guy to Nyan Cat.

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Nigerian restaurant shut down for serving human flesh

UPDATE: Aw, bummer, this was a hoax. A tasty, tasty hoax.

Even worse, they were charging too much, says this fellow:

A local priest who ate at the restaurant was alarmed at the prices it was charging after being presented with a bill for £2.20 - nearly four times the daily wage for millions of Nigerian labourers.

He was told the high cost was because of the piece of meat he had eaten. “I did not know I had been served human meat, and it was that expensive,” he said.

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A brief history of Beverly Hills' "Witch House"

As a fan of the Storybook school of architecture, I enjoyed Erin McCarthy's short history of the Spadena House in Beverly Hills in Mental Floss. This exemplar of Storybook architecture was designed by Oscar-nominated art director Harry Oliver in 1921 and built on the Willat studio lot in Culver City. It was used for office space and dressing rooms. It was later moved to the Corner of Walden and Carmelita in Beverly Hills and converted into a residence.

The house continues to be an attraction; between 3000 and 4000 kids visit the house every Halloween, and tour busses stop by "countless times per day," Libow told LA Magazine. "I was told by a Starline tour guide that mine is the most requested and most visited non-celebrity house in all of the West Los Angeles!" The house will be around for generations to come: In 2013, it was designated a historic landmark by the City of Beverly Hills.

Image: The Spadena House in Beverly Hills, CA, after renovation, by Kafziel. CC BY 3.0 Read the rest

100 Years of Beauty - Episode 6: Philippines

Time lapse of a model getting her hair and makeup done to match every decade from 1910 to 2010.

See also:

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LA DWP says condo-dwelling couple owes $51,649.32 water bill

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power won't back down from insisting that a senior couple living in a condo used over $50,000 of water in a matter of months. They are threatening the couple with a service shut-off if they don't pay up. Read the rest

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