Brianna Wu uploads Gamergate death threat to shame Ohio prosecutor

The game developer and Gamergate bogeywoman/survivor has furnished the authorities with the graphic death-threats she received for speaking out about online harassment of women, but they won't take action.

In an impassioned op-ed, Wu describes the extreme harassment she's experienced as a consequence of her criticism of the Gamergate movement, whose proponents still resolutely claim that they have come together over "ethics in game journalism" and not misogyny and sexism.

I've been in most of the major media in the world talking about this game industry hate group, including the Washington Post, CNN, the BBC and MSNBC. I went on Nightline to talk about them. I have an employee at my company whose entire job it is to research and catalogue these threats for law enforcement.

And yet, terrifyingly, nothing has been done.

On my hard drive, I have the name of a man that sent me death threats so explicit and shocking, they made a Law & Order episode about them. I have identifying information about this person, and sent them to the FBI almost 9 months ago. Right next to them sits 5 other cases, meticulously documented for law enforcement.

Terrifyingly, nothing has been done.

Nothing has been done for Zoe Quinn or Anita Sarkeesian either, two women that were targeted by Gamergate. The weekend I was first targeted my Gamergate was the same weekend Anita Sarkeesian had to cancel her talk at Utah State after Gamergate threatened "the largest school shooting in history."

Gamergate Death Threat Is a Slam Dunk for Prosecutors. Will They Act? [Brianna Wu/The Mary Sue]

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