DEA agents lied about owning "New Jersey's sleaziest strip club"


Sex-for-hire. Smuggled strippers. Tip-skimming. Given the DEA's penchant for participating in sex parties funded by drug cartels, is it any surprise a couple of DEA agents were caught running the Twins Go-Go Lounge (aka "New Jersey's sleaziest strip club")? And, as you might expect, they were doing a lousy job of it:

If the DEA agents-turned-strip club owners were trying to keep their antics off the blotter sheets at the local weekly paper, they failed miserably.

Nor were they very good at running the joint. According to the complaint, it seemed that every day a mop head to scrub the condoms off the lap dance room floors went missing; the cooler was on the fritz, which meant warm beers; the cash till was always too low; the help kept forgetting to pick up the sandwiches at Wal-Mart; girls were getting pink-slipped without getting each owner's OK.

Glover was supposed to be the one "in charge of dealing with the dancers," the complaint states. From each girl, he allegedly skimmed $10-$30 per night for the right to kick their heels at Twins Plus.

All the while, he made fun of the dancers behind their backs. In one email exchange, recounted in the complaint, a Twins manager calls out the dark-skinned dancers. "Maybe [the exterminator] can eliminate some of the colored girls," the manager wrote. Glover seemed to go along with the disparaging jab in his emailed response: "You can get rid of all the black girls if you want if you find other ones first."

A fellow DEA agent told The Daily Beast: "Sometimes good people screw up and do stupid things."