The best criminal defense lawyer in Pittsburgh and America and The World

"You keep your trap shut," says Daniel Muessig, who is absolutely a real lawyer, " and I'll keep your trap open."

Dan will defend you for everyday offenses such as murder and burglary, but also "funny throwback crimes such as moonshining." Read the rest

Is this the biggest asshole in Germany?

Despite blaring sirens and an open road, a driver forces a fire truck to wait, excruciatingly, at an otherwise lightly-trafficked intersection. Eventually, a car in an adjacent lane pulls into the intersection simply to give the truck space to maneuver around the obstacle.

In other places (below: Montreal, Canada) fire trucks get to ram even other emergency vehicles out the way; in the UK, however, you may well want to confidently remain an arsehole, as they will fine you if you break the traffic code to make way for emergency vehicles.

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Google Maps promises to stop racist trolls messing with maps—but how?

Struck by a succession of abusive scrawlings going live on its popular maps service, Google has apologized and promised to retool the service to prevent it from happening in future.

"This week, we had some problems with Google Maps, which was displaying results for certain offensive search queries," wrote Jen Fitzpatrick, a Vice President of Engineering and Product Development, explaining how Google's system slurped up the offensive terms because of how it incorporates "online discussions" of particular places. "… This surfaced inappropriate results that users likely weren’t looking for."

Earlier this week, it was found that when given offensive search terms, Google would return inappropriate locations. Queried with "nigga house," for example, Google would offer the White House.

Howard University, reported one internet user, "shows up as ‘N***er University’ on Google Maps."

The benefits of algorithmic changes will be seen soon, Fitzpatrick promised, and Google will continue to refine its software over time: "Simply put, you shouldn’t see these kinds of results in Google Maps, and we’re taking steps to make sure you don't."

Maps, like much in the Googleverse, is comprised significantly of information added by users or algorithmically incorporated into its dataset—unvetted and often dependent on community reporting when something goes awry.

Google recently shuttered another crowdsourced component of Google Maps due to repeated addition of naughty and offensive landscape features that were not, in fact, there. Read the rest

Experimental plugin lets computers share URLs with ultrasonic tones

Tone is an experimental Chrome plugin from Google Research that lets computers share small amounts of information (like URLs) with ultrasonic chirps. Read the rest

Conservative Christian anti-gay TV star Josh Duggar on charges he sexually molested children: ‘I acted inexcusably'

Josh has resigned from his position at the conservative Christian anti-gay hate group Family Research Council as a result of the sexual molestation accusations becoming public.

Paper on changing peoples' minds about marriage equality retracted

If you, like me, were given hope by the uplifting This American Life story on how door-to-door canvassing by LGBT people about marriage equality changed peoples' minds, I've got bad news for you. Read the rest

Ad bad

I'd love to read The Next Web's article titled "Ad-blockers aren’t ‘immoral,’ but maybe you’re using them wrong", but it is impossible because of the hilariously broken full-screen ad superimposed upon it. Read the rest

Justice Department contradicts Attorney General Loretta Lynch's claims about Patriot Act

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch was just interviewed by CBS News, fearmongering about losing Section 215 of the Patriot Act if Congress fails to re-authorize it. Only problem for her is the DoJ's own IG just released a report today that directly contradicts what she said.

The truth about cavemen

Is that they only lived in caves seasonally, "maybe a couple of months a year at the most." At Nautilus, Jude Isabella interviews anthropological archaeologist Margaret Conkey, who sets the record straight.

Archaeologists are influenced by their culture, not surprisingly. We can’t be totally neutral—we’d be like a blob—but it’s important to recognize what biases we bring to our work. My colleagues and I are suggesting that we have certain biases about what constitutes a “home” and that mobile people didn’t think of home as a stationary physical structure. A “homeless” archaeologist would have a different perspective. Only instead of using the term “homeless,” which in our culture has a negative connotation, I use the term “spatially ambitious.” Clearly, based on what we found, our ancestors were way more spatially ambitious than the cavemen we had thought them to be.

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Cockatoo screams into tiny cup

"This sounds different for some reason." Read the rest

Could you quit working full-time?

"Life is too short for a full-time job," writes Mohit Satyanand. "Time unwatched is its own treasure, gracious host to conversations that drift and swoop, afternoons that stretch into evenings, dinners that slur into a last coffee." Good if you can hack it, I suppose. Read the rest

Gator vs. Truck (spoiler: the alligator wins)

My only problem with this video is that the gator didn't also disembowel the driver and finish the job. Read the rest

Maggie Gyllenhaal told 37 is "too old" to play love interest of a 55-year-old dude

Remember that time Russell Crowe blamed the lack of roles for older women in Hollywood on the fact that they refuse to play parts their age? Well in case you needed any more proof that his statement is absolute crap, look no further than the latest example of egregious Hollywood sexism. Read the rest

A campaign to place Little Free Libraries in police departments

How the Little Free Library aims to establish and rebuild the relationship between police and the community

Here’s Alan Cumming singing a Miley Cyrus song on a mountain in New Zealand

The actor’s whole Instagram feed is a gift, but this unexpected homage to the erstwhile Hannah Montana is especially great.

Bulls meet Bulldog

Bulldog: "These are the biggest dogs I've ever seen!" Bulls: HELLO TINY COW. Read the rest

Gamergate cross-stitch

Bidding starts at $10, proceeds go to benefit Skepchickcon in Minneapolis, July 2-5. Read the rest

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