Cute little baby elephant falls asleep rather abruptly

The most delightful derp. Read the rest

Here's a sweet GIF of a dog's tongue lapping up water in slow-motion

Huh. so that's how it works. Read the rest

That guy who always 'actively listens' by constantly interrupting you

College Humor tackles one of my pet peeves: hyperactive listening. Read the rest

Insanely intelligent cat rings doorbell to be let inside

From Russia, of course.

[via Reddit, of course] Read the rest

Listen: Wayne Coyne's "Lynchian" dinner party soundtrack

The inimitable Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne created a "Lynchian Party Soundtrack" for the Dinner Party Download playlist project. Have a listen! Read the rest

Mobile Home University, where the rich teach others how to rip off poor living in trailer parks

Some of the richest people in the US, like Warren Buffett, made millions from trailer parks. And some of them would like to teach others who enjoy exploiting the poor how to do exactly the same.

The story of a struggling sculptor who makes a deal with Death

Comics legend Scott McCloud returns to fiction with The Sculptor, the exceptional story of a struggling sculptor who makes a deal with Death for incredible artistic ability at the cost of his life in 200 days. The story is long and sprawling and details those last days as David tries to leave his mark on the art world. It’s epic and heartbreaking and sure to leave a lasting impression when you’re done.

McCloud has been a frontrunner of online publishing since releasing Reinventing Comics in 2000. It’s interesting then that his newest work is something I feel has to be experienced in print. The book is THICK, and on some level almost feels sculpted; the design of the thing from jacket to cover to page is presented as a complete work of art. This has to be important when you name your book The Sculptor. The book is beautifully built, and I actually prefer the blue hardcover illustrations of David and Meg over the full color dust jacket. Pages are colored mostly in blue, which is unique and serves to make the drawings look almost like a blueprint or an artistic sketch at times, underscoring the sculpting/art element of the story in a cool way. McCloud’s drawing is top notch; he uses the full power of comics, sometimes going for pages without a word of dialogue, letting the pictures tell the story. On several occasions I paused to study pages for longer than I normally would, just because there is so much going on in each panel. Read the rest

Josh Duggar poses with his important pals

I've never seen the TV show about the Duggar family, so I didn't know how famous they were. Josh Duggar, who admitted to molesting children (include his siblings) was very popular among Republican presidential hopefuls!

Read the rest

Cocoa Pebbles ice cream tacos

The secret is in making a dough out of melted marshmallows, butter and smashed cocoa pebbles, which you can roll out into a crispy taco shell. Read the rest

Watch a piece of meat swipe right on Tinder

It's true what they say: Online dating is a meatmarket.

“Tender is the easy way to connect with new and interesting meat around you. Switch on and if someone likes you back, it’s a match!”

A video projet by Marcello Gómez Maureira. Read the rest

A trippy program that makes you the DJ of your own art

If you've ever stared slack-jawed at the swirling images of a music visualizer like Winamp, check out Iridescent Configuration, a program where you take control of the lightshow.

Gin made from red wood ants

The Cambridge Distillery collaborated with the Nordic Food Lab on Anty Gin, a limited-edition spirit containing red wood ant distillate. Read the rest

On a live Walrus Webcam, watch partying pinnipeds gather in Alaska

Cannot stop watching. If I watch long enough, perhaps he will find his bukkit. Read the rest

Artist prints other people's Instagram photos and sells them for $100K at NYC gallery

Richard Prince selected other people's Instagram photos, printed them in large format, and put them on display in a gallery. They are selling for about $100,000 each. Read the rest

Playing a piano composition for right hand, to lull baby in left hand back to sleep

Such a sweet video, by pianist Paul Barton.

It's probably a good thing Damon Lindelof left Twitter because Tomorrowland is a dud

Early reviews for Tomorrowland, Disneys $190 million science fiction movie, are bad. Rotten Tomatoes gives it 50% (a green splat) and Metacritic gives it 61/100. Variety predicts that the movie will result in "one of weakest Memorial Day weekends in recent history."

Jen Yamato of the Daily Beast interviewed Tomorrowland co-writer Damon Lindelof, who was also the show runner for Lost. He left twitter a year-and-a-half ago because he got sick of people saying crappy stuff about him.

As someone who sticks your neck out in your projects that already tease these big mysterious payoffs, do you think you got more flack because you involved yourself in the social conversation and made yourself more of a target? Interestingly enough, in their defense, I think my Twitter persona was just a magnified aspect of who I believe myself to be. Which is that I’m self-deprecating, I’m insecure, I’m not always sure, I feel lucky to be here… these are all legitimate things. So if I say I screwed up, or I’m a fucking idiot, or I could’ve done better that time—if I’m taking shots at myself, I’m inviting people to go, “If Lindelof is doing it to himself, that invites me to do it to him.” And also, I put way too much thought into crafting clever tweets. It was like, “Wait a minute, shouldn’t I be working right now?” It’s a job.


So even off of Twitter, you’re clearly aware of how the Damon Lindelof brand of storytelling plays with your haters.

Read the rest

Animation: What you think about OCD is probably wrong

This excellent animated video by Dr. Natascha Santos and her collaborators debunks common misconceptions about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Hopefully it'll discourage some people from saying "I'm so OCD" when they don't suffer from OCD. Read the rest

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